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Career Coaching... can help address common career frustrations and challenges such as those outlined below. If you're considering using a Career Coach, or if you just want to know more about coaching, Tom Varco is available for a free 1/2 hour coaching session to discuss your career challenges. Tom has 10 years of executive search experience and is a Certified Career Management Coach.

Are you at a dead end in your job search and need help developing a new branding strategy?

Are you at a crossroads in your career or "stuck" in a job you dislike and need help moving forward?

Have you achieved everything you feel you should have up to this point in your career? If not, what's the next step?

Feeling like you just don't have the right match in your professional life and need help indentifying a new career path?
Don't settle for less than you deserve, SAY YES to a career that inspires you!

Contact Tom Varco to discuss career coaching packages and to schedule a complimentary career coaching session.
770-569-0263 or

Insurance Executive Search / Career Coaching

Clarify your job search and career goals
Develop your own professional "brand"
Discover new industries through interest assessment
Learn new job search skills, strategies, and techniques
Develop new professional perspectives
Conquer career uncertainty
Find and recognize your career passion
Hone career management skills
Maintain momentum and focus
Sustain positive thinking during your job search

What to expect from Career Coaching...