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Our Clients...know that In today's fast paced and changing corporate environment, the top performers are in high demand. These individuals are usually not actively involved in a job search; however, when they do seek other opportunities, they gravitate towards people they know and trust. That's where we come in. When you partner with us, you get our twenty years of industry and recruiting expertise, along with our extensive industry database, on demand, to tackle your most critical hiring needs.
We know our reputation and continued success depends upon us being able to deliver results to your company in a timely, ethical, confidential, and consistent manner.
When we undertake your search, we will invest the time needed to understand your organization and the unique requirements of your hiring needs.
A retained or engagment fee arrangement is for managerial or higher level search projects. For staff positions, including most underwriting, claims, and marketing openings, we can work on either a contingency or an engaged basis. Under a contingency arrangement we are only paid when you hire a candidate presented to you by our firm. On an engaged search, we clear our desks to solve your most urgent hiring challenges in an agreed upon time frame.
Flexible Fee Agreements...each search project has its own dynamics. We can discuss the appropriate way to structure our fee after determining what your hiring goals are for a given position. We can work on either a contingency, engaged, or retained basis.
Just a few reasons why you should consider doing business with us.... Our extensive database includes passive top performers in all areas of the industry who want our firm to keep them aware of opportunities as they become available.
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